Conversation with Harry Gruyaert

24.11.21 Gaumont les Fauvettes

led by Léolo



Harry Gruyaert, born in Antwerp in 1941 and member of the Magnum Photos agency since 1982, is known for his photographic work on color.


He has worked extensively in Morocco, the United States, Europe and India. He has also taken photos of Belgium, his native country, which have been published in two books, Made in Belgium and Roots.


The numerous publications of Harry Gruyaert - Morocco, Rivages, East / West, Last Call or India released in 2020 ... testify to his ability to work in the most diverse environments.


"For me, photography is not just about composition or color, it should also be about place and time," he says about his images.


Reworking from his archives, Harry Gruyaert has recently started producing, in collaboration with director Valéry Faidherbe, short sequences intended to be screened. Accompanied by an original soundtrack created by Tuur Florizoone, they give a new dimension to his images and reveal the specific cinematographic quality of his work.


Harry Gruyaert lives in Paris. He is represented by Magnum Photos and Gallery Fifty One in Antwerp.


2019 | 12'23

Between 1970 and 1980, when he left his native Belgium and now lives in Paris, Harry Gruyaert decides to return there to do photographic work. In this country, with which he has a complex relationship, everything seems gray to him. During the first two years, he will work only in black and white until the discovery of a certain beauty of banality opens the field of color to him. A revelation.

2021 | 6'36

In 1981, Harry Gruyaert embarked on a road trip that took him, between beaches and desert, motels, gas stations and shiny cars, from Los Angeles to Las Vegas. Renouncing the ease of light effects and nighttime neon lights, he decides to photograph this city in broad daylight, in the brutal light of the sun, to best translate the absurdity and the infinite sadness that emanates from this temple. entertainment dedicated to worshiping the god Dollar.

2021 | 18'32

When he discovered Morocco in 1975, Harry Gruyaert fell in love with this country where he would never stop returning for more than forty years. Fascinated by the harmony between its landscapes and its inhabitants, he crisscrosses it aboard his Volkswagen camper van, from the Atlas mountains to the shores of the Mediterranean, from the most remote villages to the suburbs of large cities, in an attempt to translate into images the strength of the emotions felt during his first trip.



Meet Harry Gruyaert on November 24, 2021

at Gaumont les Fauvettes, as part of the Capture (s) cycle

in partnership with Magnum Photos and the Fifty One Gallery

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